The Day of the Brand Advocates

One of the most enjoyable, and exhilarating, aspects of watching any Doctor Who episode is actually feeling like you are part of the adventure. There is so much emotional connection built into the Doctor’s relationships, his universe-saving adventures, and even within the mystery that is his own life. This emotional connection is what brings me back every week to join along in the ride. Regardless of the quality of the episode (yes, some are much better that others), I still find myself feeling connected to all aspects of every story line. This is the very reason why I consider myself a brand advocate of Doctor Who, I share an emotional connection with the Doctor (strictly business here, people…) that keeps me coming back for more, time after time. It really is a legitimate feeling – as soon as I hear the Doctor’s theme song, or even the noise of the TARDIS, I get excited and can’t wait to watch the Doctor and his companion unravel a great mystery, travel across all of time and space, save a universe or two, and ultimately, tell a fantastic story. As noted by an article by Jose Palomino in relation to customer loyalty, “your goal is to create an emotional relationship with your customers that goes beyond mere transactions”. This statement simply ideates, that if you create and maintain (it is a relationship after all) an emotional bond with your customers, they will keep coming back for more of your product or services. And better yet, they will tell everyone they know about how great the product or service really is. The BBC has done a great job building customer loyalty with many of their televisions shows, but most notably with Doctor Who. They have cultivated the story in such a way that Whovians all over the world watch the show dreaming of becoming the Doctor’s companion. Customer loyalty is extremely important because it is the driving factor in what propels customers continuously around the customer journey lifecycle. I believe that companies should look to build brand loyalty and brand advocacy by providing something that the customers just can’t get enough of. Be it through an emotional connection, transactional connection, or social connection; it is all about giving customers what they want, when they want it, and doing this over and over again. I have no reason to believe that Doctor Who will turn into a Disney Channel caliber show; I am certain that the BBC will continue providing Whovians with a quality product.

Thanks for following me so far, companions. Let’s hope the StuartTARDIS takes us on more extraordinary adventures….Allons-y!!


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