Regenerate for Big Data

Having read various articles about the good and bad aspects of Big Data, one concept is certainly clear to me; that is, every business or organization has a unique need for its’ proprietary data. It is upon each of them to decide how to best leverage their data when it comes to the implantation of Big Data concepts. Whether the change is simple or complex, the process will involve a retooling of current processes, and a ‘regeneration’ of the organization’s talent in order to capitalize on whatever Big Data path is chosen. This concept is iterated in a Forbes article written by Fatemeh Khatibloo, where it is stated, that means mastering context, changing your organizational culture, developing the right capabilities, and yes, acquiring the capacity to transform your data into insight.”

Any Doctor Who fan is certainly aware that The Doctor has gone through many ‘regenerations’ in his lifetime; a process in which The Doctor takes on a new physical form upon death. The new Doctor has a new body and a new personality, but in no way does he forget his past. To me, the regeneration process is a signal of the Doctors transition into a new phase of existence. With his new body and personality, the Doctor faces new challenges. During the beginning of any regeneration, The Doctor is essentially retooled and must learn how to take advantage of his new-self, while leveraging previous knowledge, in order to overcome future obstacles. Although none of the Doctors like regenerating (likewise of many Whovians), He recognizes the certainty of the situation, and continues on with his adventures.

As mentioned previously, big data is a concept, and its meaning is completely up to interpretation. But, any business unit that is considering becoming more involved in utilizing big data concepts most likely will have to ‘regenerate’ processes and procedures that embrace new technologies and analytical techniques. Some organizations may take full advantage of big data, while others may only introduce simple changes. Either way, it is important that they Regenerate for Big Data.


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