Consider the Stakeholders, Before the Cybermen Takeover

According to an article written by Rachel Allen, stakeholders are important factors within an organization’s strategy because “The success of a strategy is measured by the extent to which stakeholder needs are met and stakeholders are satisfied”. In the television industry, there are many stakeholders, but I would argue that the three most important ones are the viewers, companies that place commercial ads, and the producing studio/company. Each one is affected by decisions and actions made by the others. For example, if the show’s producers write terrible plots, viewership will drop, and commercial ROI will decline since fewer people are watching and not seeing the ads. All of that leads to the show being cut from production. There are also times when the types, and lengths, of commercial ads can drive viewers away from that particular show or channel.

It is interesting to consider how customer personas come into play when considering the different stakeholders in this industry. Both the ad placing companies and the show’s producer can find great value in identifying customer personas. Not only is it obvious that the television shows should be written in such way to connect with the customer personas, but the ad companies have to consider who is watching a particular show, and if they are the personas that would be buying their products.

During the latest season of Doctor Who, BBC America would interject a behind-the-scenes Doctor Who clip within the commercial break. Essentially, one commercial would play, and then the Doctor Who short clip, and then one more commercial would play before the episode starts again. To the Whovians watching that current episode, this concept is a perfect way to keep them tuned into the show and into the commercials. Fans love those little exclusive clips showing behind the scenes footage and insight. It is clear that BBC America figured out how to engage the Whovian customer personas throughout the whole show, including commercials.

It is important to recognize that this concept benefits all of the stakeholders in this situation. The fans are getting to see extra clips of their favorite show, and the ad companies are confident that the viewers will see their commercials. And, the BBC can sleep comfortably at night knowing that Doctor Who will be around for a long time.


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