Customer Designed Email Marketing

Redfin has a spectacular website user experience, even for those that are casual real estate listing viewers like myself. All of Redfin’s website content is legitimate, and you never feel like ads will be following your every move. Out of every real estate listing site out there, it is the only one I will find myself browsing.

I have noticed that ever since I created an account on Redfin, I will occasionally receive an email from them, providing me with information about current homes for sale that are comparable to those that I have viewed at some point in time while signed into their site.  Creating a Redfin account allows you to choose which homes are your favorite, as well as which ones you would like to “x-out”.   Redfin also allows you to adjust the alerts and email settings, so that you can choose what kind of emails you receive.  One category of email is based on the homes that you mark as favorite, and Redfin will send you alerts when anything changes with those listings. Another email category is for general listing updates and will provide details regarding neighborhoods you’re tracking.

I recently received an email from Redfin, showing me 8 homes in my “neighborhood” that I may be interested in.  Here are my shout outs and criticism regarding this email:

My shout outs

  • Provided a nice sized photo of each home
  • Gave a few essential stats about each home: address, price, sq. ft., #beds/#baths,
  • Listed out a few details about the listing agent
  • Indicated if there was an upcoming open house for any of the homes, and provided a date/time


  • Contained too much white space, left the email looking cheap/too basic
  • Recommended listings appeared to be based off of Zip Code only
  • It had an odd subject line: “Eight New Homes for You: 468 Poplar Dr, and more!”, I don’t know every street in my Zip Code, so including that part of the address does not help me make a connection.

Redfin is positioned well to track user engagement through custom profiles and home viewership (likes vs. dislikes), and they have the ability and push them through the CLC by connecting home buyers with “Redfin Agents” for those who want to take it to the next step and actually tour a home.  The Emails that I receive are most certainly crafted toward people in the Develop stage of the CLC, which leads me to believe that they simply want me to engage further with the website and dive deeper into the local real estate market.

During the most recent series of Doctor Who, there was a clear struggle that happened between Clara, the Doctor’s companion, and Her desire to maintain a regular life.  All the while, the Doctor wanted to maintain his fantastic adventures with Clara at his side.  Episode after episode, the Doctor would continue luring Clara back in the life of a companion, but overall, he still knew that there was some middle ground that needed to be met. Needless to say, Redin’s interesting take on email marketing reminds me of that relationship.  The emails are not aggressive, they give me the information that I want, and they allow me to continue being a casual real estate viewer, while providing a personalized touch at the same time.  Redfin understands that our relationship is important and is willing to develop it in the right ways.


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