Doctor Who’s Companion: BBC One.

BBC’s Doctor Who website brings Whovians one step closer to traveling with The Doctor. For the time spent on the website, you truly feel like you are one of The Doctor’s companions. There have been many times that I have been 100% satisfied with the content provided.  This site provides me with a way to continue the journey for as long as I can.   Based on the 7 principles of conversion centered design, the Doctor Who BBC website can be analyzed to study why this site brings such a great Who fix.

Here are a few reasons why this site does a good job following these principles:

  1. The first graphics seen instantly grab the attention of the visitor. They inspire the visitor and immediately draw them into the world of Doctor Who. Most importantly, attention is consistently grabbed as one scroll down the page with videos and insider news.
  2. From start to finish, visitors will enjoy the whole experience, such that there are opportunities to vote on favorite episodes, be a part of exclusive sneak peaks, as well as behind the scenes type information. There is no confusion about what the visitor will experience, and this creates good clarity of what the website offers.
  3. Finally, this website is essentially to “go-to” place for all Who related details. If a story is going to break, it will stem from this BBC site. It is clear that this is what the website is all about, and that alone will keep fans coming back for more. This provides a great amount of credibility amongst visitors.

One thing that would be interesting for BBC to look into is decreasing the Attention Ratio across the first landing page of the website. At some times, it is hard to tell what the BBC really wants a visitor to look at on the site. Overall, this website provides a lot of good insider information at the fingertips of Whovians across the world.


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