Ooh, this ad could be a little more sonic!

There are many things that The Doctor is known not to be without; the TARDIS, his companion, his adventurous wit, and not to forget – his sonic screwdriver. This beautiful screwdriver performs a number of valuable tasks, often times playing an important role in saving the universe. The sonic screwdriver is what a wand is to Harry Potter, a simple yet extraordinary gizmo.

Many companies’ sell toy, and real, replicas of the sonic screwdriver and Whovians can easily find them for sale online by performing a quick Google search. Using the keywords sonic screwdriver for sale, I was able to find a few Paid Search Ads for this product. One in particular caught my eye, mainly because it is from the BBC’s online shop.


This paid search ad has a few interesting components that certainly need to be analyzed. As one will notice, bbcdoctorwhoshop.com apparently has a 4.9 rating, such value proposition gives people the idea that this site is legitimate and highly rated. This ad also includes many ad extensions, providing links to other Hot Deals, BBC Exclusives, and Whovian Favorites; even more reason to click on this particular ad. Based on the keywords that were used in the search, this ad matched on part of the phrase used; leading one to believe that keyword research worked in this case. At this point, everything about this ad seems to be right on par; this paid search ad may just lead to a conversion.

When we examine the call to action, we will notice that the words “Shop for” are used. This CTA makes me think that once the ad is clicked, more “shopping” will need to be done before buying a sonic screwdriver. Because of this, the ad would be directed to customers in the research or select phases of the customer lifecycle. The landing page tied to this ad includes a variety of sonic screwdrivers for sale, which is exactly what one would expect when using such keywords. In addition, the “Free Shipping over $50” wording in the ad is carried over and can be seen at the top of the landing page.

All of the mentioned components of the paid search ad make for a pleasing shopping experience, in the senses that one would know exactly what to expect from the website based on the ad alone. Although most of the sonic screwdrivers for sale on this site were toys, the having one of your own would certainly provide endless excitement!


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  1. Great analysis of the paid search. You clearly presented the material in an easy to understand manner. Thank you!


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