The Doctor Goes Social

There are so many aspects of marketing that have evolved over time in ways that allow for companies to truly “own” their brand(s). The concept of Customer Experience Marketing is made more tangible by being able to actually measure customer journeys through the lifecycle. In the past, this may have only been accomplished through a few simple touch points. However, Social Media has made it possible for companies to engage with customers throughout every point on the customer lifecycle. The BBC has done a good job employing different social media channels to engage with Whovians across the world.

As for Doctor Who, and many any other television shows, new episodes only air for part of the year. This is why it is important for the BBC to continue the conversation through social media. During the rest of the year they are (hopefully) filming a new season, and engaging Whovians through all possible channels. It can be seen that the BBC owns many Doctor Who accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and even YouTube. Doctor Who’s broad fan base certainly warrants the need for BBC to be on many different social media channels.

As Ben Davis writes, the Doctor Who Tumblr does a good job engaging Whovians to create relevant and interesting content, of which, certain content may be re-blogged.   This theme of user generated branding is very popular with the BBC. In the most recent series of Doctor Who, a fan created the opening sequence of the show. This is such a great way to get, and keep, Whovians engaged with the Doctor Who brand, by making them feel like they could be a part of the show.

It is clear that the BBC is taking advantage of social media for its ability to engage with such a wide network of fans. Most importantly, nobody has to go the whole year without getting a much needed Doctor Who fix.


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