Follow your following with these Metrics

Within the genre of Science fiction exists many popular sub-genres (i.e. Space western, Comic Sci-Fi, scientific romance,…). One could easily find themselves particularly addicted to one specific genre or multiple related genres. For digital marketers in the science fiction industry, paying close attention to certain metrics will help to identify and follow these fans whether they exist en masse, or in tight niche circles. One good place to start when it comes to your appealing to your fan following would be in search engine optimization (SEO). According to Ayaz Nanji’s article on, the top five metrics to pay attention to when it comes to SEO performance are:

  1. Website visitor traffic
  2. Leads generated
  3. Visitor conversion rate
  4. Keyword search rankings
  5. Visit duration/engagement

All of these metrics can be extremely useful to any digital marketer, regardless of the type of content produced; one does not need to sell products to measure conversions. These metrics help to determine if fans are just as connected to your content as they are to the specific sci-fi medium that he/she follows. A good example would be a blogger of Doctor Who content; they could easily measure conversions as reading the newest blog, and might have a newsletter sign-up section to collect leads. The blogger could also measure how long fans stay on the site and engage in the content that is produced. As mentioned, these are great metrics to help gauge success and identify your following.

Interestingly enough, Ayaz Nanji’s article also discusses the most effective SEO tactics. The top five being:

  1. Relevant content creation
  2. Keyword/phrase research
  3. Frequent website updating
  4. Relevant link building
  5. Social media integration

When it comes to blogging, all of these tactics can easily be accomplished through regular blogging while utilizing best practices. The above metrics and SEO tactics can also be applied to other internet business models. However, in the science fiction industry, it is more engaging to be a part of a sci-fi community where you can discuss your favorite episodes, character’s, gizmos, and read blogs.


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