Whovian Customer Persona

In Marketing, the importance of appealing to a target audience(s) is inevitable. This is a concept that should be part of every marketing strategy: figuring out who will be buying your products and how to advertise to them. If you aren’t able to master this area of strategy, you will surely not be able to saturate that market by selling lots of product.  After all, you will be doing many things wrong, including selling the wrong product to the wrong people.

As written in an article by, John Plunkett, the ratings for the newest series of Doctor Who are surprisingly low compared to last year. Now, I am not here to speculate as to WHY the ratings have dropped, but rather, I would like to tame the “Whovian” crowd a little bit; as, it would seem that many people claiming to know about Doctor Who are throwing out claims that the series will be cancelled. Regardless of all the reasons, many took to Twitter recently to display hatred for some drastic changes that have taken place with the Doctor. As you can see below, this is the style transition that has taken place for the Doctor over the past two series. Clearly, the Doctor’s style has become, shall I say, very “Hip”.


The last picture shows the Doctor’s new Sonic Shades, what has become a replacement for his iconic Sonic Screwdriver. Many fans were outraged with at the loss of the Sonic Screwdriver.   These outraged fans, are most likely true Whovians, those whom have a deep rooted passion for the show and its’ history. Whovians want to be a part of the incredible stories in which the Doctor cares more about saving the universe than he does about being cool.

The show’s writers should realize that the loss of ratings is most likely from viewers who are not true Whovians, nor will ever become a true Whovian. If targeting the right audience has anything to do with the BBC winning back some ratings, they should look to write stories that will increase brand advocacy among existing Whovians, and bring back the writing style (that hooked me) that will acquire true Whovians.


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