Using Social Media Intelligence for Audience Research

Social Media Intelligence (SMI) is an interesting concept that will help shape the structure of marketing departments in the near future. Organizations that root itself in the importance of using social media combined with the concept of SMI will be ahead of the pack within their industry. According to Brandwatch, SMI is a combination of social listening, data management, advanced analytics and distribution, all of which are aimed at making socially informed brand decisions. What is intriguing about SMI is that it creates a great structure for introducing social media into organizations that want to implement social strategies. The Brandwatch Blog is full of interesting content; one blog that I stumbled across provided a great connection into how the BBC can capitalize on SMI to extend their understanding of the Doctor Who target audience.

Chelsea Varney’s blog post on the Brandwatch Blog offers up great support for the use of SMI across a well-known brand that has been around for 50 years, Doctor Who. As Chelsea points out, the use of SMI allows the writers of Doctor Who to get a deep look into the Doctor Who conversations that are happening simultaneously with the airing of new shows. With such a deep history, the Doctor Who audience spans such a diverse group of viewers. Even though not all viewers will are active in the digital-social universe, analytic tools would allow for great statistical insight into the Doctor Who target audience, and what they are saying about the show.

Concepts within SMI are great for performing industry research prior to the execution of marketing campaigns.  For example, marketers can benefit from prior SMI research in setting SMART Objectives, as well as putting together a digital strategy that hits the correct target audience with the best keywords and at the best time.  Let’s hope that Doctor Who writers had a team of research performing Social Media Intelligence activities to help rediscover some Whovian insights.






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