Digital Marketing Teams Led by Doctor Who

Being part of a large team that is tasked with creating complex digital marketing strategies can often be very challenging. One of the more challenging hurdles that will be faced is the process of group-brainstorming, especially when the group lacks an active leader. A great episode of Doctor Who displays the group-think theme quite well and portrays the trouble it may cause. The Doctor and some passengers are stuck aboard a ship being attacked by an ominous “presence”. The interesting part about this episode is that you never see what is attacking the ship; you hear it pounding on the outside, prying its’ way inside. At one point, this “presence” takes control of one passengers’ mind and turns her freakishly-evil. Through all of the panic, the passengers allow themselves to succumb to group-think, and all slowly decide it is necessary to kill the evil passenger. Without the leadership and clear-thinking of The Doctor, the passengers would have been doomed. But, as always, The Doctor’s open mind allowed him to weigh the pros and cons of all possible solutions before acting. Even in a hectic situation, he was able for figure out exactly how to solve the problem.

After bouncing around the internet from blog to blog, article to article, I read about the concept of the “two-Pizza team” as originated by Jeff Bezos. The idea behind it is that a team should be no larger than what two pizzas could feed. Realistically, one does not need to order two pizzas to figure out if a team is the right size. However, just know that if you don’t have enough to feed everyone, some may go hungry; and, the hungriest will seek out the most pizza, first. What I believe is most important here (and not mentioned by Jeff) is that that once everyone has figured out what flavor pizza they want, only one person places the order. The person ordering is typically driving all engagement to figure out exactly what everyone wants to eat.

How can we make sense of this way of thinking?  Marketing Managers should be mindful of how much impact organization structure has on supporting organization goals. Group work is great, but what seems to be the determining factor, is that having people with a “Doctor Who mind” can contribute greatly to the success of many reaching organization goals. Don’t let group-think determine the success of a project, take control and empower the whole group to think in the same fashion.


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