About Stu, and Doctor Who!

One prominent icon from the show, Doctor Who, is the Doctor’s time traveling ship, called the TARDIS. The Doctor uses the TARDIS to travel across time and space to save the universe from its’ doomed fate, almost always brought on by some ugly alien species.   The TARDIS has a mind of its own, and it can be seen throughout the series that the TARDIS brings the Doctor to places that he needs to be (to save the universe), rather than to places where he wants to be.  The StuarTARDIS may take this blog to worlds never seen before by Humankind; although a visit to these other worlds may be necessary in order for me to save the universe (or, my grade, not sure which one…)

Hello, my name is Stuart Hacker and I currently live in Aurora, IL with my Wife, 10 month old Daughter, and two pit bulls. In December 2010, I graduated from Aurora University with a bachelor of science in Mathematics. After working at a few not-so-interesting jobs, I was given the fantastic opportunity of returning to Aurora University as an employee. I hold the responsibility of managing the constituent and fundraising database; a crucial piece of the success of my office. I have been working at AU for almost seven months, and it has been one of the greatest opportunities that I have been given.

Enrolling in the Digital Marketing and Analytics program at Aurora University was an easy choice for me; for a multitude of reasons. Not only does this field have a direct correlation with the work that I do, I have a deep interest in database marketing and analytics and hope to continue to develop my career around these concepts. The fundraising field has a very unique connection to the concepts of marketing, in general, and the application of digital, and database, marketing and analytics. The uniqueness of this connection brings certain challenges to our office in which I am interested in applying concepts from this program to cultivate further insight into the work that we do.

While working at my previous job, at night I would often dread going into work the next day. I would have to occupy my mind with interesting TV Shows or movies to avoid becoming too depressed about working the next day. I randomly happened to come across an episode of the Doctor Who on BBC America; watching this episode completely changed my life. Over the next few weeks, I watched as many episodes that I could come across, and even started binge watching seasons on Netflix. Soon after discovering this epic television series, I realized that the company that I was working for was causing me to miss out on too many great things in life; I ended up quitting and finding a job that was a much better fit.

My plan is to not focus on the contents of this show alone; rather, I would like this blog to cover various topics that relate to the British culture that surrounds the show and how it has traveled across seas and invaded many other cultures as well. I would also like to talk about how the BBC has successfully created a series about a time traveler that travels across all of time and space. I would like to uncover, if possible, data that can be turned into interesting analytics and insights to help explain how the BBC and has developed this brand over time (and space).

Doctor who is a science fiction television show, shown on BBC America (here in the USA), with new episodes aired on Saturday nights and reruns aired systematically throughout the week.   I would say that the actual show has a niche following with many of its diehard fans found watching all sorts of science fiction type shows. However, since I am not really a full-fledged sci-fi type person, I would like to think diehard sci-fi fans are not the only demographic of the Doctor Who fan base.

When it comes to information dedicated to the television series; the social media industry leader would definitely be the BBC (@Doctor Who Official or @Doctor Who on BBCA on Twitter). The BBC is the source of information you would look to for sneak peeks of new episodes, and/or exclusive interviews with cast members. There are many other information sources of various media formats where you would go to rant about your favorite, or least favorite, aspects of the show (past or present episodes). Those include print/online magazines (@Doctor Who Magazine on Twitter), online podcasts (@RadioFreeSkaro on Twitter), and many others including Doctor Who Online, and Doctor Who News.

Join me throughout my travels through all of time and space – Allons-y!


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